Nous sommes desolee

Forgive us, but since we left Paris there has been no way to access the internet.  We are in a pretty small village.   We are all safe and sound having a great time.  Fat and Happy! 

Lee apologizes for any misspellings, double postings, basically any error on this blog.  I have a limited amount of time to update the blog and i inherited Terry’s inability to spell. 

Have fun perusing the pictures from our documentary film making adverture/vacation in France.



While we are in France, we will keep a blog of our daily activities and pictures.  Click on the individual pages at the top to view each day’s events. 

The official webpage can be found at

Please pardon the on-going construction of the site. 


Terry, Louis, Maggie, Lee, Carolina, and Darlene. 


Hello world!

The Complete Travels of the Roueche Documentary in France, Abridged.